You have reached a website of a project designing organization, named “FLProject Kazakhstan”, a member of group of companies, that united specialists in engineering services (architectural, technical supervision, including project management).


What we can do for you?

You can rely on professionals, skilled in design for a fair price, in case if you are in search for house or office complete building design (“Boss, we are lack of electrical layouts. Would you kindly, spare some money?”), that will not bring negative feedbacks from foremen or builders.


Company’s values

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project design


Separate design section drawings


Architectural supervision during construction


Interior and exterior design


Our mission – to design with care for the future!

Our benefits!

Development through the time! We are able to make all kinds of projects come true, no matter if they are challenging or classical, expensive or cheap, futuristic or typical, city-wise or world-wide concepts with economic analyses requirements. Thanks to gathered experience since 2008.
We pay attention to each project! Every single member of our project team understands how each part of so-called PROJECT mechanism is critical and important. And this idea keeps our team do its best.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) or how to take aboard a socket in a submarine? Would you like, for an instance, a project design of the 200-level skyscraper, which requires maximum of concentration, ensuring regulatory compliance, with ability to house one million people, including commercial area, WC and parking lots? “Impossible!” – might sceptics say. However, thanks to famous technology, all aspects could be considered at the beginning, but not during construction, which may involve money loss or even refusal from early approved details.

Tempos Fugit! Technologies and improvements do not stay still, just like time itself. And this fact may be proved by EuroCode integration, tight control under compliance with standards, and quality control of finished product. Believe it and check it – it is all about us!
With care for the future! Project design is a process, requiring creative point of view for solution of a non-standard situation or for making unbelievable come true. And we are proud of 95% of all projects, supervised by us, that will serve future generations for decades or even centuries!

FLProject Kazakhstan LLC

#136, Begalin Str., Medeu district, Almaty, Kazakhstan +7 (775) 783-58-75 +7 (727) 317-00-77 INFO@KAZPROJECT.KZ
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